Background Source offers a wide variety of reports to cover your needs. Select any report below to see a sample.

Credit Reports

Access all three credit repositories. Credit reports can determine spending patterns and financial reliability. Bankruptcies, lawsuits and collections are included in the report.

Criminal Record Checks

Employers can access a variety of sources for criminal records; which may include County, Civil, Statewide or Federal.

Employment Verification

Verifying an applicant's prior employment can expose problems with that individual's previous employment and/or job experience. This typically covers job title, dates of service, overall performance, attendance, reason for departure and eligibility for rehire.

Motor Vehicle Records

This will reveal all citations, license revocations, auto insurance cancellations and cited accidents. It is a must for any employee assigned a company vehicle or with driving responsibilities.

Professional License Verifications

Verify the authenticity of a license through the issuing agency. Reports typically give license type, issuing authority, disciplinary actions and dates of validity.

Secondary Education Verification

Degrees and other credentials are often exaggerated on a resume. Reports contain dates of attendance, program of study, and degree awarded.

Social Security Search

Determining that the Social Security number provided by the applicant is of legitimate issue, and has been used by the proper party can help rule out false identity. Report may also help verify previous addresses and checks a fraud database.

Worker's Compensation Checks

Reports typically contain date of incident(s), time lost, employer during time of accident, type of injury, and body part injured.